Letter 0109

Browne Langrish to Hans Sloane – December 12, 1732

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Date: December 12, 1732
Author: Browne Langrish
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4075
Folio: f. 374

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Case history of a very aged (104) woman. Browne Langrish (d. 1759) was a physician and medical author. In 1734 he became an extra licentiate of the College of Physicians and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. Langrish published works on general physic, stones, and smallpox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browne_Langrish).

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    Name: N/A Unnamed
    Age:Case history of when she was 50 at the time of the letter she was 104.
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    A case history of a 104 year old women. At 50 she opened issues in her arms for a humour in her eyes. At 90 she closed the issues and her eyes bothered her again. Her neighbour told her to use spring water with Roman vitriol and she went blind. Later she recovered her sight.

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    Age, Eyes