Letter 0334

George Reid to Hans Sloane – June 30, 1690

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Date: June 30, 1690
Author: George Reid
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4036
Folio: f. 87

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Reid is glad to hear Sloane is well, but he cannot say the same about Jamaica’s inhabitants. A smallpox epidemic was ‘rageing amongst us’ and ‘swept away many’. Mr Hayn’s daughter succumbed, as did the Ballard children John and Nancy. Colonels Fuller and Fry were ill, but not with smallpox. Reid retired ‘up in the Country where its rage hath not yet approached’. The ‘Honest R: Clettson is upon bale gott out of prison’. Mr Bragg was accused of treason by Brother Rose and Mr Ballard. All of the officers with a reformist programme were accused of treason too. Reid sends his best to Lady Wright and ‘Pudsy’ and asks Sloane to pass the enclosed on to an unnamed lady. If Sloane sees Mr Constable he is to pay his respects on Reid’s behalf. He expects a promise to be kept by ‘Mr Nedham’.

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