Letter 1398

Anne Hamilton to Hans Sloane – November 6, 1708

Item info

Date: November 6, 1708
Author: Anne Hamilton
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4041
Folio: ff. 241-242

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Hamilton asks Sloane to find her son a French valet.

Patient Details

  • Patient info
    Name: N/A James Hamilton
    Age:'A young woman'. Patient is not named in letter, but is likely to be Anne Hamilton's step-daughter who recently married [Burke's Peerage, vol. 1, p. 472].
  • Description

    The patient recently miscarried and has since been suffering from great pains in her head. She has miscarried twice and the last time she was about two months pregnant. The first time was very painful, but the second time was hardly painful at all.

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
    Previous Treatment:

    She has been blistered and given medicine.

    Ongoing Treatment:

    Previous treatments did not alleviate the pain. Hamilton asks Sloane how much water she should drink and what sort of diet she should follow.

  • More information
  • Medical problem reference
    Fevers, Pain, Miscarriage, Headache, Sterility, Pregnancy, Stomach, Stone, Kidney, Back, Rickets, Throat, Nose, Lungs, Head