Letter 2934

J. Delacoste to Hans Sloane – June 15, 1723

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Date: June 15, 1723
Author: J. Delacoste
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4047
Folio: ff. 5-6

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Delacoste forwards a letter from Helvetius in Versailles. Helvetius returned Sloane’s letter to Delacoste. He decided to write Sloane and the Royal Society himself. Delacoste had a ‘very serious conversation’ with Doddard regarding smallpox inoculation. He had a similar conversation with the Duc d’Orlean’s physician, Dr Cherae. Doddard is trying to introduce the practice in France. Delacoste discusses some of the problems associated with introducing inoculation, including the fear that ‘it [is] a heinous sin to tempt providence’. Since the death of the Prince of Lorraine there has been renewed support for inoculation. Experiments are to be undertaken in the future. Dr Cherae wants a copy of Sloane’s Natural History of Jamaica. He sends greetings to ‘le Dr Steygerthale et Mr Amyand’. J. Delacoste was a physician. He practiced in Bath and Paris.

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