Letter 3013

Humfrey Wanley to Hans Sloane – March 10, 1724

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Date: March 10, 1724
Author: Humfrey Wanley
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4047
Folio: ff. 145-146

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[fol. 145] Honorable Sir 10 March 1723/4 By my new Lords Order this morning I went to Mr Brown’s the Bookseller to bespeak such Books as his Lordship had marked in his Catalogue in Order to buy; but was soon inform’d that You had marked several of the same Books. Hereupon, I said, I knew my Lord to be so honorable in his Nature, as willingly to yield up unto you his pretensions to many Books; because you had done so to him, when he came first to a former parcel, as you, Sir, do now to this. Sir, in the nature of my Lords Printed Library, Biblical & Liturgical Books make up one main Article; and Grammar & Lexicons, another. I know (notwithstanding my Lords Absence) that he will & does readily yield up divers things to you, which he intended to have had: so that now you interfere only as to these following, pag. 22 no. l. s. d. 223. Biblia Rumanscha–price 2. 10. 0 x 224. Biblia Finlandica——- 1. 15. x 237. Russian Prayer book——. 15.- x 238. Slavonian Psalter.——–. 10. 6 154. Bohemian Bible———1. 10. – 164. Lithuanian Testament——10. 6 x [page] 23. 176. Slavonian Prayers——— 12. – 560. Danish Bible————- 6. – 561. Polish Bible————– 7. 6 563. Bohemian Bible———– 5. – 578. Hungarian Testament—— 2. 6. 579. Bohemian Testament——-4. 0 [page] 24. 600. Slavonian Liturgy———- 3. 6 x 605. Muscovite prayers——— 3. – 609. Quebec-Rituel———— 5. – x [page] 50 1307. Dictionar Lat. suecicum.— 1. 6 1326. Gram. Slavonica———- 2. 6 1331. Gram. Suecana.———- 2. 6 1338. Polish & Dutch Grammar— 2. 6 [page] 51 1340. Principia Ling. Bohem——-. 6 These are all; for I know my Lord yields up the others, as I have already said. And, as to these, I verily believe that He will willingly compound with you, as to the books in the List above specified, If you will please to lett him have these six marked X, although you shall take all the others. He has a true veneration for your Person & truly Honorable Character, and will always shew it by convincing Proofs: and I hope you will second your former instance of good will to him (who collects these things ex professo) by allowing him to be the Purchaser, which will yet much more oblige him. I am always Honorable Sir, Your most obliged & most humble servant Humfrey Wanley.

Humfrey Wanley was an Old English scholar and librarian at Oxford. He was appointed assistant at the Bodleian Library in 1695 (Peter Heyworth, Wanley, Humfrey (16721726), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 [http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/28664, accessed 4 July 2013]).

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