Letter 4526

Clemina Pemberton to Hans Sloane – July 29, 1732

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Date: July 29, 1732
Author: Clemina Pemberton
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4052
Folio: ff. 153-154

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[fol. 153] Sr Mr Perronet told me yr Honr was very busy the morning, he carryd those curious manuscripts to your House, and Indeed, I beleive soe too: or otherways the five guineas, would never been the ocasion to Return such books back: which I beleive when yr Honr is pleas’d to take more notices off will appear to be worth 50 guineas instead of 5: however I have desir’d Mr Perronet, to carry them once more with another ancient vollume perhaps worthy of notice which shall be at yr Honrs service with the manuscripts for the aforesaid sum I am in the mean time Sr ye Honrs most obedient humble servant Clemina: Pemberton saturday July ye 29th 1732 P:S: I have desird Mr Perronet to leave them for two or three days on which time ye Honrs leasure may permitt to look into those valuable manuscripts

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