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Sloane Catalogues and Databases

Ficus maxima. Sloane’s label is at the foot of page 79 verso in volume 7:80. It refers to the pencil sketch from life on this page. The pencil sketch was inked by Kickius (not signed). There is no specimen of this plant. (Entry by C. D. Adams) Source: Natural History Museum, The Sloane Herbarium, ID 970.

Adam Matthews Publication

Much of the Sloane correspondence is available on microfilm. The Adam Matthews guide also has a list of all the correspondents in the collection.

British Library Manuscripts Index

You can search for individual volumes (e.g. ‘Sloane MS 4038’) to look at the correspondents and order of letters in each volume.

British Museum Collections Database

Fancy a look at the 8695 objects at the British Museum that belonged to Sloane?

Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane’s Catalogues of his Collections

Exciting new project at the British Museum and University College London that aims to understand the structure of Sloane’s catalogues and collections.

Sloane Printed Books Catalogue, British Library

This project brings together the printed books that once belonged to Sloane, some of which were dispersed far beyond the British Library.

The Royal Society Library and Archives

Given Sloane’s longstanding participation in the Royal Society, particularly as Secretary and President, it is not surprising that he appears frequently in the Royal Society archives.

The Sloane Herbarium, Natural History Museum

You can explore the botanical specimens of Sloane’s herbarium, as well as learn about how they have been preserved.

Sloane’s Treasures, British Museum, British Library, and Natural History Museum

A project to explore the possibility of digitally reunify Sloane’s collections that are now held at the British Library, British Museum, and Natural History Museum.

Maria Sibylla Merian, Muscovy duck with snake (ca. 1701-1705). Credit: British Museum, SL,5275.78 .

Collectors and Correspondents

DigitalArk Project Blog

A project about seventeenth-century collectors, many of who overlap with the Sloane correspondence.

Early Modern Letters Online

A Cultures of Knowledge that aims to make the correspondence of the Republic of Letters more findable. There are letters by Sloane listed here, as well as many of his correspondents.

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