Letter 4513

N. N. to Hans Sloane – August ye 27th 1735

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Date: August ye 27th 1735
Author: N. N.
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4054
Folio: f. 95

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Sr. Be pleased Sr not to reveal ye contents of these Lines. As Physicians are ye only proper Gentlemen on whose experienc’d judgement indispos’d Per-sons can with any degree of human security depend for relief, & who therefore in Reason & Duty, human & divine, they ought to apply to: I venture to conclude it cannot be improper to make an offer of discovering to you ye real ingerdients, quantitys & manner of composing Mr. Ward’s Pill, Drop & Liquid he gives up ye nose yr work such wonders, but for want of sufficient judgement in ye application &c are say’d to prove fatal to several. As Sr. you are a Gentleman perticularly regarded as eminently Skill’d & long experienced in ye art of Phisick, witness yr being consulted by infinit numbers you wth success continually treat. Moreover Sr. as you are constituated president of yr Learned Meded & honorable Body wch therefore you must doubtless be thought a su-perlatively deserving member on; I think it every way proper to single out yr. so worthy self in order to offer ye Discovery of ye mention’d Areanas to, yr. you alone Sr. who seem above all others, by the in choice deserving ye Credit of finding out secrets yr (ripped off) Property of do Skilfull a Physician (ripped off) to be on trial. It ye Discovery I here offer to make be Sr. by you, on terms, accep-ted of I will oblige myself by oath never to own directly nor indirectly to any Creature living yt. I ever did any such thing, so in case you judge proper to discourse me about this affair, be pleas’d to p-point yr own time where most convenient yt. we may not be over heard & I will not fail to wait on you in order to give you all ye Satisfaction you can wish for from Sr. yr most obedient & very humble servant N.N. P.S. The favour of a Line in answer to these you may please Sr. to honour me with by ye Bearer hereof. no soul Sr. besides your self is made privi to ye offer I make you so let it go no further pray, if not Relish’d by you. August ye 27th 1735

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