Denis Perronet

Denis Perronet wrote letter 3834 to Sloane and letter 3972 to Thomas Robe. He may also be the Mr. Perronet mentioned in letter 4526 from Clemina Pemberton to Sloane. According to the letters, Perronet is a collector of Asian manuscripts that he shares with Sloane and Robe. Perronet states that he had ‘liv’d in asia a long time’. In Pemberton’s letter Sloane, a ‘Mr Perronet’ ‘carryd those curious manuscripts to your [Sloanes] House’.


Denis Perronet to Hans Sloane, 1730-10-28, Sloane MS 4051, ff. 127-130, British Library, London

Denis Perronet to Thomas Robe, 1731-02-22, Sloane MS 4066, ff, 92-93, British Library, London

Clemina Pemberton to Hans Sloane, 1732-07-29, Sloane MS 4052, ff. 153-154, British Library, London


Dates: to

Occupation: Unknown

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