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Robert Millar

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Robert Millar wrote letter Letter 4199 to Sloane advising him of an opportunity he has been given by Mr. Palmenter to go to Panama in search of plants to be cultivated in Georgia (Sloane was one of the Trustee’s for the establishment of the colony of Georgia)’ Millar was the son of Robert Millar, Minster… Read more »

May 8, 2019

Mr. Larkham

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An Apothecary known as Mr. Larkham was mentioned in letter 4494 from Mary Grey (nee Tufton) to Sloane.  Grey refers to ‘Mr: Larkham (ye Apothecary at […]ond)’, no other information about them is available.   Refererences: Mary Grey (nee Tufton) to Hans Sloane, ????-08-14, Sloane MS 4066, f. 301, British Library, London.  

March 13, 2019

Mrs. Hales

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Mrs. Hales is mentioned in letter 4523 from Stephen Hales to Sloane as being a sent a ‘favour’ which Sloane had sent onto Stephen. No other information about them is available, this Mrs Hales is not however the wife of Stephen or Thomas Hales (also mentioned in the letter), as both of the brother had… Read more »

Sir Thomas Hales

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Thomas Hales (b. 24 February 1666 d. 07 January 1748) was the 2nd Baronet of Beakesbourne in Kent  and oldest brother of clergyman and natural philosopher Stephen Hales F. R. S. .  He is descended from John Hales, who was a baron of the exchequer under Henry VIII and his grandfather Sir Robert hales was knighted… Read more »

Mr. Hodges

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A person known only by the name ‘Mr Hodges’ is mentioned in Stephen Hales letter 4523 to Sloane. He is described as ‘so very unkind to his poor Grand children who have never offended him’ and Hales refers to ‘the notorious injury he did their [Hodges grandchildren] parents in not settleing the promised £500 per annum’…. Read more »

Denis Perronet

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Denis Perronet wrote letter 3834 to Sloane and letter 3972 to Thomas Robe. He may also be the Mr. Perronet mentioned in letter 4526 from Clemina Pemberton to Sloane. According to the letters, Perronet is a collector of Asian manuscripts that he shares with Sloane and Robe. Perronet states that he had ‘liv’d in asia… Read more »

Jacobus Theodorus Klein

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Jacobus Theodorus Klein (b. 15 August 1685 d. 27 February 1759) was a German botanist, historian, jurist, mathematician, zoologist, paleontologist and diplomat in service of August II of Poland. In 1718 he set up a botanical garden and built up his natural history collection including fossils.   Reference: Armin Geus, ‘Klein, Jacob Theodor’ (1977), <>…. Read more »

March 12, 2019

Mr. Schacher

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A person known only by the name ‘Mr. Schacher’ is mentioned in letter 4512 to Sloane. He is the son of Lord Schacher, Dean of the Medicinal Faculty at Leipzig. No other information about them is available.   Reference: Thomas Lediarde to Hans Sloane, 1735-08-25, Sloane MS 4054, f. 94, British Library, London        

N. N.

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A person known only by ‘N. N.’ wrote letter 4513 to Sloane. No other information about them is available.   Reference: N. N. to Hans Sloane, 1735-08-28, Sloane MS 4054, f. 95, British Library, London

Letter 4551

Dr. Hans Sloane to Mr. John Ray - January 31, 1684/5

The Correspondence of John Ray: Consisting of Selections from the Philosophical Letters Published by DR. Derham and Original Letters of John Ray, in the Collection of the British Museum
pp. 159 - 160

February 23, 2019

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