Letter 4259

Thomas Paine to Hans Sloane – April 11, 1731

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Date: April 11, 1731
Author: Thomas Paine
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4051
Folio: ff. 222-223

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[fol. 222] Trin. Coll. Cambr. Apr. 11 1731 Sr This large Tooth was dugg up as they were searching for Gravel at Goldington within about Half a mile of ye River Ouse & a mile from ye County Town of Bedford. I think it must be a Whale or Elephants Grinder, more probably the former, but of that you are a far Better judge than I. I had some pieces of ye Fangs that are Broken off, but Happened to loose or mislay them. It was sent me by a friend, but as I have no Collection of Curiosities, I thought it better to send it to you who have one so very famous. If you please to accept & add it to others of like sort. The Bearer, Mr. Milward, one of my Pupils, studies Phisick & is designing a New Edition of Alexander Trallianus, if you have any curios Edition or anything serviceable to that Purpose & please to communicate it, for furthering his design, He wil receive it Gratefully, & it will be owned as a favor to Sr, yr most Humb. servt. Tho. Paine

Thomas Paine was of Trinity College, Cambridge.

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