Research Team

Primary Investigator

Dr. Lisa Smith, Lecturer in Digital History, University of Essex, is the primary investigator on this project. Since 1997, she has worked extensively on the Sloane medical correspondence, which proved fruitful for both her Ph.D. thesis and subsequent projects. Her main areas of research interest are gender, health, and the household in England and France (ca. 1670-1789).  Please email any feedback about this project to:


Current Team Members

Chiara Leon Briones is a B.A. (History of Art) student at the University of Essex. She is a Digital History Frontrunner in 2019-2020.


Other Database Contributors

Alice Marples (M.A. Hons. History, University of Glasgow and M.A. Early Modern History, King’s College London) completed her Ph.D. in 2016 at King’s College London and the British Library as part of an AHRC-funded project called Reconnecting Sloane: Texts, Images, Objects. She used Sloane’s manuscripts to explore how he used correspondence to fashion his identity, interact with a number of different communities, and build a global network of contributors to his vast collection. She kindly shared some of her research notes on the letters in the database.


Previous Team Members

University of Essex

Ed Devane, University of Essex (2015-2016), Graduate Interns Scheme.

Tracey Cornish, University of Essex (2017), Undergraduate Research Opportunity Placement.

Scott Fenn, University of Essex and Volant Systems (2015-2019), website designer and maintenance.

Jessica Fure, University of Essex (2017-2018), Digital History Frontrunner.

Tallulah Maait Pepperell, University of Essex (2017), Undergraduate Research Placement.

Amy Smith, University of Essex (2017), Undergraduate Research Opportunity Placement.

Evangeline Smith, University of Essex (2016), Digital History Frontrunner.

Ivan Spence, University of Essex (2016), Undergraduate Research Opportunity Placement.


University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Jon Bath, Manager of the Digital Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan (2008-2010, 2011-2015)

Chelsea Clark, University of Saskatchewan (2013-2015):  AMS-Hannah Studentship 2014.

Bronwyn M. Craig, University of Saskatchewan (2014).

Matthew De Cloedt, University of Saskatchewan (2011-2015): Young Scholars Studentship (Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity and USTEP) 2011 and AMS-Hannah Studentship 2012.

James Hawkes, University of Saskatchewan (2014): U of S Undergraduate Student Research Assistantship 2014.

Erin Spinney, University of Saskatchewan (2013-2015).

Jason Grier, University of Saskatchewan (2010).

Ann-Marie Hansen, McGill University (2009-2010).

Amanda Harrigan, University of Alberta (2009-2010).

Rob Konkel, University of Saskatchewan (2010): AMS Hannah Studentship 2010.

Kurt Krueger, University of Saskatchewan (2008-2009).

Melanie Racette-Campbell, University of Toronto (2009-2010).

Jeff Smith, Manager of the Digital Research Centre,  University of Saskatchewan (2010-2011).

Heather Stanley, University of Saskatchewan (2008).

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