Letter 4544

Magnus Prince to Hans Sloane – October 2, 1732

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Date: October 2, 1732
Author: Magnus Prince
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4052
Folio: f. 192

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[fol. 192] Sr I had the pleasure of your favour the 28th of Septr, dates the 7th, the packets being detaind by contrary winds, I should be very unworthy, if I had not a gratefull sense of your kindness to my Nephew & the pains you have been at to provide for him. But I should hardly have prevaild with myself to give you so much trouble upon so slender acquaintance, but that the character I had of your benevolence, & the great concern I had for so near a relation in distress, not by his own fault, pusht me on to be so forward, I wish heartyly for an opportunity to convince you that I am not unmindfull of the obligation, I ly under. I have given directions for getting a parcell of the blew earth, to one who hes undertaken to provide it for me, I have not heard of the small pox any where since my last to you, when any are inoculated you shall have the whole process, with my method of treating them, which I take to be something out of the common road. I give my humble respects & sincere good wishes to Mrs Elsmere. & will rejoyce at any good befalls her, I hope soon to Joyne in a letter to her with Mrs Hamilton I am Your most obedient & most obliged servant Magnus Prince Belfast 2d Octr 1732

Magnus Prince was a physician.

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