Letter 0080

Charles Kimberley to David Hamilton – May 22, n.d. [1716?]

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Date: May 22, n.d. [1716?]
Author: Charles Kimberley
Recipient: David Hamilton

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4075
Folio: f. 349

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The Isted family was related to the Sloane family through marriage. Anne Rose, Elizabeth Sloane’s daughter, married Thomas Isted in 1703. Thomas Isted owned Ecton Hall in Northamptonshire, to which the letter referred, from 1712.

Patient Details

  • Patient info
    Name: Mrs. Isted
  • Description
  • Diagnosis

    Kimberley diagnosed her skin eruptions last spring as "Febris Millearis." The patient was also subject to hysteria.

  • Treatment
    Previous Treatment:

    Sloane previously treated her for miscarriages. Kimberley used "gentle Restingents" to stop the periodic heavy menstrual bleeding and a blister for the skin eruptions. He also prescribed "Testaceous medicines." She also took Ass's milk to regain her strength after the heavy bleeding.

    Ongoing Treatment:

    She was taking Ass's milk and a blister on her back.


    The patient stopped menstruating for several months and then had skin eruptions and diarrhea followed by sudden heavy menstruation. Both times he thought (falsely) she was pregnant. The midwife thought that Mrs. Isted was going through menopause but Kimberley disagreed.

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  • Medical problem reference
    Menopause, Menstrual, Skin ailments, Stomach, Hysteria