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Charles Seward to Hans Sloane – December 31, 1714

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Date: December 31, 1714
Author: Charles Seward
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4044
Folio: f. 6

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[fol. 6] Kensington. Dec: 31th. 1714. Sr. Had I been in our Church-yard these 15 Month, I should have view’d the Letters on the Monument myself, but having not in all that time gone out of my own ground, nor daring yet to stir abroad by reason of the coldness of the Weather, I therefore got our Clerk to see in in [sic] what condition the Letters were, who brought me word, that the black in all of them was quite wash’d out, & must be renew’d; I pray’d him then, having given me that account to tell Mr. Pendrell, a Mason at Chetsey, that I would speak with him & this day he came, he has look’d upon them & number’d how many they are exactly, you may easily inform yourself by the Paper I sent you in my former Letter. What he expects for doing his work well, you will know by him; he is reputed an honest & able Workman, which […] that can be said at present relating to this affair Sr. Your much obliged servant, Char[…] My true respects & service to yourself & Lady, a happy New year to you both, & family.

Seward writes of the restoration of William Courten’s monument.

Charles Seward (d.1716), clerk of Kensington. (Thomas Faulkner & B. West, History and Antiquities of Kensington, London: 1820, pp. 274).

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