Letter 2588

Katherine Lowther to Hans Sloane – May 2, 1739

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Date: May 2, 1739
Author: Katherine Lowther
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4076
Folio: f. 48

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(f. 48)

Meabourn May

ye. 2d


Sr: As im informed that my son at Mary=bon School has lately had a little looseness so Mr: Lowther & I cant help fearing the Consequence of such frequent returns & there= =fore thought it proper to aquaint you that we are very apprehensive that all his Dis= =orders proceeds from worms, as he us’d to be troubd: wth. them, & has sometimes voided them, & the last year he had the same Symp= =toms, they tell me he now has, & upon takeing some Quicksilver water the child recover’d his looks & was much better, which makes us desire that you wd. see him & order him what you think proper for him to take, wch will very much oblige Mr: Lowther as well as

Sr: your Most Obedient

Humb: Sert:

K. Lowther

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