Letter 2860

Elizabeth Tothill to Hans Sloane – August 14, 1722

Item info

Date: August 14, 1722
Author: Elizabeth Tothill
Recipient: Hans Sloane

Library: British Library, London
Manuscript: Sloane MS 4046
Folio: ff. 282-283

Original Page


(f. 283r) Sr: all tho you are unknown to me by person yet your undeniable Judgment and good suckses in physick give me a very satisfacry knowlidge of your wonderfull meritt sr: wee have now a son at Westminster scooll which is a very dear dearling child to us wee are the more fearfull of his health by reson wee have been very un happy in baring four sons which put us uppon any illness under afar greater concern than I can expres or any one be a Judge of unles it be aparant who knows the value of children: sr: I am recomended to you by worthy dear Lady Tipping for his phision if ill which favourd (f. 282v) I humbly beg you to grant me so as to take him in to your compasinat and affecinat cear as a youth far from his own family and sr: both Mr: Tothills and my grattud shall attend you in the most perticullers manner affecinat parants can show Mr Tothill and presents you his humble seravuice as doth Sr: the favour of                             Sr: a line from you would                  your very humble searvaunt be a very great pleasure to                                      Eliz: Tothhill me Bangor August ye 14 1722 be pleased for to Derect for me at Bangor to be left at the post office in Ashbourtown. Devon.

Though Tothill does not know Sloane personally she is very aware of his reputation. She has a son at Westminster School. The boy is sick and she is worried. Her four sons have all suffered from childhood illnesses. Lady Tippin recommended Sloane and Tothill hopes he will treat her son. Her husband approves of consulting Sloane and offers his service in thanks. Sloane’s reply is to be sent to ‘the post office in Ashbourtown Devon’.

The second page is written cross-wise.

The envelope has two postal marks, including one for Ashburton. There is also the mark left by a black wax seal.

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