The Sloane letters project is maintained by Dr Lisa Smith, a member of the Digital History Centre at the University of Essex.

You can contact Lisa through her University of Essex profile page.

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  1. Taylin Nelson on

    Dr. Lisa Smith,

    Hello, my name is Taylin Nelson, I am an international student studying at King’s College London in the 18th-Century Studies MA programme. I am currently working o nym dissertation, a part of which looks at the reception of rabies in the 18th-c. I was lead to the Sloane Letters Project webpage which discusses a letter from John Burnet to Hans Sloane concerning a tale about Peter the Great. Unfortunately, the link to cite this account is dead, and I cannot find any information through the British Library or online. I was wondering if you would have information on this particular source? I’m sure you’re very busy and appreciate your time and assistance.

    Much obliged,
    Taylin Nelson

  2. Harry Brennan on

    Hi, I’m a PhD researcher using some of Sloane’s letters. I just read through and found it very useful, before seeing Lisa smith’s piece about it at . Am I right in thinking they talk about the same letter, dated 17th April 1688?

    The entry refers to the letter as being from Herbert to Sloane; the descriptive piece, the other way round. Could you clarify which way round it is? That Sloane is the author makes more sense, but I just want to check before I analyse the source in depth!


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