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Letter 4548

Hans Sloane to Mr. Dale - June ye 12th 1692

Sloane MS 4068
ff. 9-10

September 27, 2017

Letter 4547

Hans Sloane to Edward Herbert - Apr. 17, 1688

Sloane MS 4068
ff. 7-8

September 26, 2017

Thomas Paine

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Thomas Paine was a lecturer/professor at Trinity College, Cambridge, who wrote letter 4259 to Sloane, concerning a whale’s tooth that was dug up by a river in Bedfordshire. He sends it to Sloane as an offering as part of his collection, so that Sloane may better identify it.     Reference: Thomas Paine to Recipience, 1731-04-11,… Read more »

September 19, 2017

Elizabeth Welwood

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Elizabeth Welwood (c. 1670-1732), nee Tregonwell Seymour, married the physician and writer James Welwood (1652-1727) in 1703. She wrote to Sloane recommending he aid a young women who was in need of financial and medical help.   Reference: Elizabeth Welwood to Hans Sloane, 1731-04-03, Sloane MS 4051, ff. 219-220, British Library, London. (Elizabeth Lane Furdell; Welwood, James (1652-1727),… Read more »

de Chammorel

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A de Chammorel wrote letter 4262 to Sloane, regarding a number of books that Sloane sent him. The only de Chammorel of this time that could be indentified was a reference to a Mons. Chammorel, Secretary to the French Embassy.   Reference: de Chammorel to Hans Sloane, 1731-04-28, Sloane MS 4051, f. 226, British Library, London. A List… Read more »

Jean Paul Bignon

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Abbé Jean Paul Bignon was a French ecclesiastic, statesman, writer and preacher and librarian to Louis XIV of France. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1734. In 1693 he was made commendatory abbot of Saint-Quentin-en-l’Isle and preacher to King Louis; he was also appointed to succeed to Seat 20 in the French Academy. He was charged by the minister Colbert to head the Bignon Commission, which… Read more »

Giuseppe Monti

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Giuseppe Monti (1682 – 1760) was an Italian chemist and botanist. He was a professor of botany and from 1722-1760 director of the Bologna Botanical Garden.     Reference: Giuseppe Monti to Hans Sloane, Date Unknown, Sloane MS 4054, f. 91, British Library, London Giuseppe Monti, Wikipedia, [, accessed 03/09/17]

Charles Alston

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Charles Alston, (1685–1760), was a physician and botanist. He was the superintendent of the physic garden at the palace of Holyrood, which gave him the titles of king’s botanist and regius professor of botany, and a requirement to lecture at the garden. This was a position which he was to hold for life. He also became an MD in… Read more »

Thomas Lediard (Lediarde)

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Thomas Lediard (1685–1743) was an English writer and surveyor. Early in his life, he was attached to the staff of the Duke of Marlborough, particularly in 1707, on the occasion of the Duke’s visit to Charles XII of Sweden. He is assumed to have been there as a diplomat, an attaché to the embassy at Hamburg, seconded as a… Read more »

D. Colby

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D. Colby was an MD, of Rockingham, county Northamptonshire. He wrote letters to Sloane in 1732.   Reference: Explore Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue, British Library, listing for Sloane MS 4075.  

September 14, 2017

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